Gojo knew of his abilities and reputation as a powerful wizard. He also believes in himself as invincible. Therefore, in the memecoin market, GojoCoin will be responsible for protecting investors the same way he protects the people.
Gojo always aims for longevity and transparency for the project. Therefore, the security factor is always strictly controlled by the team.
Safe and reliable: Security is our top priority. GojoCoin is rigorously tested for smart contracts that are trustworthy for users.
Being audited by reputable organizations will help GojoCoin gain the trust of investors. Gojocoin has conducted and easily passed tests from Analytix and Sphinxshield, both are leading reputable auditing units, not only that, they are also important partners of Pinksale.
Report details:
Note that Enable trade fails due to project audit before launch and will be fixed upon launch. Especially within the first week after launch, we will quickly conduct an audit by Certik - the leading trusted auditing unit in the blockchain field that not all projects can pass.
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