🥰Welcome To GojoCoin Whitepaper

GojoCoin is a MemeCoin token enhanced to fit the team's plans and the current market through SmartContract. We have completed burning 50% of the total supply and will continue to burn in the near future to ensure scarcity and better token stabilit

Additionally, we have integrated into the Smart Contract 1% auto Reflection for holders, which will help create a passive income stream for investors who need nothing more than holding GojoCoin.

7% Tax is used for marketing funds, this is a suitable number for the current market to reach the largest amount of investors for GojoCoin. In addition, we will also use this fund to develop technology products in the future. The products will be integrated with Gojo NFT and bring many benefits to Gojo NFT owners.

The founding team of GojoCoin are individuals with extensive experience in the crypto market especially in memecoin. We have deployed and achieved many previous successes, notably 160x in the bear market. With extensive experience and previous lessons, GojoCoin will be a project that surpasses everything we have done and will not make any investor regret placing their trust in GojoCoin.

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